viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014


The Panama Canal expansion project would largely decrease the instances of bottlenecks, lower the average transit times by rendering raised capacity and allow for transit of Post-Panamax vessels. The proposed plan for widening and deepening and excavating is supposed to increase the capacity to 42 vessels per day, which could even be extended to 51 vessels per day by 2020. By widening the Gaillard Cut, increasing the locomotive fleet from 80 to 100 units, and acquiring more robust tugs the average canal waters time could be significantly reduced.
Increased daily transits, faster transit times and allowance of more tonnage would also make way for increasing toll revenue. Given its level of cost effectiveness, international shippers and traders would be more enthusiastic about choosing the Panama Canal instead of the multimodal route, the Cape Horn Route, or the Suez Canal for transporting goods by large cargo vessels. With an estimated annual growth of container cargo commerce of 8.4%, the Panama Canal expansion and its augmented demand for the trade route, would inevitably contribute to the increased economic activity.

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